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Welcome to Plug N Play Charters website. We're off and running this season with some new tactics for all styles of fishing. Whether you like tossing huge plugs into the rocks for monster Striped Bass or drifting some sea-worms along the bottom for Fluke and Sea Bass we can make it happen. We're also going to be offering some harbor tours and beach picnic excursions this season so Welcome Aboard. All feedback is encouraged.

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Seminars, speaking in front of crowds……I’m not a huge fan to be honest I can’t stand it. Much like Belichick does I avoid the media and lime light and would prefer to just do my thing and be happy in doing so. But I’m not getting any younger and its time to start sharing what I’ve learned with others. So this past weekend I did one and it was received with open arms!


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The Bass Bite Is On!

7/31/08 by Corey Pietraszek

Well first off I apologize about the delay in the fishing reports. I had some engine issues with the boat about two weeks back which have been smoothed out now and I have been flat out busy and just tired so there ya go! With that being said the busy part of things has been great and so has the fishing. The weather was not great last week with heavy swells and big winds so I was able to get a few things done around the house and at the Saltwater Edge. The rest of August is all booked and I have a few days toward the end of the month open but thats it so things are looking good for August.

Today was another trip with Dave Gale and his son Evan. Evan is a plug fisherman so he’s got the upper hand when it comes to distance and presentation to the bigger bass. We had ideal conditions for hunting big bass this morning with a fair amount of fog, overcast, and not much boat traffic. The tide was perfect in our first spot and on Evans third cast with a big wooden spook he goes tight to his first bass of the 2008 season which weighed in at 18lbs! Not a bad start kid! We picked through the rocks and found many more fish just milling looking to eat anything that swam by. After awhile we decided to move around some more and try to find the big girls. A few spots this past week have been holding some monster fish and I’ve found that the first hour or so before the tide rips really hard has been best in these spots. Well we worked and worked and finally after a few good drifts we found the bigger fish. Now Dave is on the bow and Evan is working from the back using the spinning tackle. Dave has been fishing his 7 wt fly rod most of the morning as we really didn’t find any huge fish early just some smaller ones so why not use the 7wt when you can. Well, when this pack of fish decided to rush up to the boat Dave’s small 7wt was not a good weapon of choice but he casted anyway. A fish I’m guessing is about 45″ comes up and slowly inhales his small E-Z Body baitfish pattern and he’s off to the races. Meanwhile, Evan is reeling in another nice fish which he also hooked from that school of fish. After a few minutes of battling and some amazing rod work by Dave using his tiny 7wt he manages to turn this big girl around and starts gaining some backing and fly line. We now get a good look at her and we know she’s big but how big. Dave slides the fish boatside and we put the 60lb Boga on her and Wham! 38lbs of pure 7wt fly eating pleasure pulls down on the Boga! Another great day of fishing for Dave and his son Evan.

Yesterday I had Tony Amado. Tony is from New York and most of his fishing is done for Largemouth Bass, Salmon or Atlantic’s so when its time to hit the salt for Striped Bass he can’t wait. We decided to get an early start due to the forecast of bright sun and no wind. I figured the tide would be better later in the morning so we putted around in the rocks catching smaller fish and having a great time. Most of this style of fishing is cast, cast move. I’m convinced if the fish are in the area they will let you know if not move. We did just that for most of the morning just moving around trying different patterns at different depths and caught tons of bass and a few small bluefish. When the tide was finally right for hunting for the big bass we moved in and did the first drift in a very good spot. After a few cast with little to show I was thinking that the fish finally moved on. No sooner did I say “Think its slow in here today” a really nice fish follows the fly to the boat and tries to eat but Tony runs out of room to move the fly and no go. The next cast he goes long and after a few strips he gets tight to a nice fish in the 20lb class and he’s all smiles! We had a few really good drifts with mixed results but we did manage a few serious critters on fly gear from many of the the rocks that morning. Nice work Tony.

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