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Welcome to Plug N Play Charters website. We're off and running this season with some new tactics for all styles of fishing. Whether you like tossing huge plugs into the rocks for monster Striped Bass or drifting some sea-worms along the bottom for Fluke and Sea Bass we can make it happen. We're also going to be offering some harbor tours and beach picnic excursions this season so Welcome Aboard. All feedback is encouraged.

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Seminars, speaking in front of crowds……I’m not a huge fan to be honest I can’t stand it. Much like Belichick does I avoid the media and lime light and would prefer to just do my thing and be happy in doing so. But I’m not getting any younger and its time to start sharing what I’ve learned with others. So this past weekend I did one and it was received with open arms!


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Go Big Or Go Home Baby!

6/19/09 by Corey Pietraszek
Wow what an amazing few weeks of fishing we have had since since the last report a few weeks ago. In a matter of two weeks the fishing has been not only great for numbers of fish but for size. After many years of fishing hard with clients and seeing some amazing opportunities of anglers hooking and landing the fish of a lifetime it finally came together last week with the first 50lb fish landed and released to swim another day. On certain days the fishing has just been amazing but this one morning the tide, drifts, and overall conditions were prefect for fishing this area. The drift lasted almost an hour and after releasing well over 30 fish ranging from 25lbs to 35lbs we finally hooked a monster in 7 feet of water that looked like a small barrel was dropped from the sky into the water when she hit the Yellow/White Tattoo Sea Pup. She managed to fight like a mud filled boot to my surprise with a very slow subdued run and after about a 5 minute battle she came boat side and when I saw the fish I know it was big. We landed her and snapped a few pictures and released her to swim another day so shes back out there guys. The 60lb Boga Grip is very reliable and rarley lies so popping it down between 48lbs and 51lbs I figure it was very close to 50lbs easy as I struggled to get it off the deck and into the clients arms which was really funny to watch. Some of the best fishing of this season is taking place right now and if mother nature would allow us to get some better weather it could blow wide open again as the reports along New Jersey and Long Island are sounding great for the bigger bass bite right now so buckle up as these fish head north for cooler water and food.

Right now the fishing for Striped Bass has been spectacular with big fish and solid numbers on all trips. I plan on making my first good runs out to the Islands this week when the wind lays down here in search of the first good push of big girls. While the fishing has been great in close to shore its almost time to start searching cooler waters as it approaches 65 degrees inshore. The weather has been the worst part of June. As many of you know who live locally its been very unsettled with more then our fair share of EAST winds which I don’t like for fishing. Colder then usual spring temps and measurable amounts of rain everyday for the last 20 days has made it no fun. I don’t mind being cold but when your cold and wet it really starts to wear on your patients but the fish are already wet so who cares right! Well I guess If hunting big bass is what you like doing then now is the time to give some serious thought about booking some time with PNP. I figure with the current weather pattern and the cooler then usual water temps the fishing will only remain to stay good right into July. I have plenty of good dates still open for July and August which are two of my best months traditionally so please email me or call today to book some time for fishing. Also, while I’ve been trying to work at the shop in Middletown during the week more I can easily do a morning or afternoon trip in Newport so just let me know where you would like to fish and we’ll make it happen.

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