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Welcome to Plug N Play Charters website. We're off and running this season with some new tactics for all styles of fishing. Whether you like tossing huge plugs into the rocks for monster Striped Bass or drifting some sea-worms along the bottom for Fluke and Sea Bass we can make it happen. We're also going to be offering some harbor tours and beach picnic excursions this season so Welcome Aboard. All feedback is encouraged.

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Seminars, speaking in front of crowds……I’m not a huge fan to be honest¬†I can’t stand it. Much like Belichick does I avoid the media and lime light and would prefer to just do my thing and be happy in doing so. But¬†I’m not getting any younger and its time to start sharing what I’ve learned with others. So this past weekend I did one and it was received with open arms!


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PNP Email Update 5/2/12

5/08/12 by Corey Pietraszek

So here it is already the first week of May and here at PNP Charters¬†we are¬†officially¬†kicking off¬†the¬†Spring¬†2012¬†fishing season! I mean you can open the door this morning to head out for work or errands and you would think its mid October or even November with the weather we’re currently experiencing right? Well, despite the weather we are still fishing just about daily with some¬†very impressive early season¬†results. We’ve been hitting the usual spring haunts looking for anything with fins that might take our lures or flies. Most of the areas in Buzzards Bay are holding fish for the most part but odds have been best from the shoreline in many areas due to the water depths. If you read the reports from the local shops you’ll see¬†much¬†like most seasons. The hard working anglers fishing the rivers and tidal pools are catching fish almost daily but from the beaches or estuaries. These are typical places to fish this time of year. Most of these fish are starting to not only increase in numbers but in size as well, ranging from 18″-35″ on average.¬†Historically¬†we really don’t¬†begin to see solid pushes¬†of fish here until Mothers Day give or take a day or two.¬†This year however¬†we’ve got¬†impressive¬†amounts of small baitfish as well as menhaden schools in¬†Buzzards Bay and the surrounding waters. My¬†instinct and experience tells me that this¬†time next week¬†especially if¬†we get another warm weather stretch we’ll start to see the migrating schools of¬†much larger¬†fish¬†begin¬†to¬†arrive¬†into the local waters. Buckle up and let the games begin!

If you ask any of the customers we have which time of year theyPNP Rate Cardsenjoy fishing the most I will bet¬†the vast¬†majority will say the spring months and especially the next 6 weeks. Early May running into late June is PRIME TIME for Striped Bass and Bluefish. If you’ve never experienced the migration of these wonderful gamefish in our local waters then you¬†are quite¬†honestly missing out¬†on an experience of a lifetime. Thousands of fish moving¬†in waves as the weeks go by make¬†everyday¬†a¬†unique¬†and exciting experience. One trip you’re running out 2 minutes from the dock into clouds of terns working schools of hungry Striped Bass, and the next trip you find the birds and carnage a few miles away. From day to day you never know what’s going to happen. One day just bass and the next you’ll have 8-10lb Bluefish going nuts eating anything that’s moving in the water just a few miles from yesterday’s activities! This is really just an awesome sight¬†and experience¬†¬†for both the fishing guide and anglers alike!
Bucket of green crab ready for tog fishing on Buzzards BayWhile waiting for the arrival of larger and more plentiful¬†Striped Bass and Bluefish we have been changing it up some¬†by¬†drifting and anchoring over the local wrecks and rockpiles in search of Blackfish. As many of you know bottom fishing is not my¬†first passion¬†but during many times of the year it’s a great alternative to running miles looking for surface feeding fish. We’ve had some great results this spring just dropping bait like small green crabs, squid, and jigs on the structure with surprising results. During many of these scouting missions we’ve landed and released some FAT Blackfish, some reaching the 5-8lb range. Along with the Blackfish we have also seen some¬†very¬†impressive¬†Black Sea Bass action at the same time which could¬†indicate¬†a banner season for this species of fish.

Some other exciting news this week is that PNP will be

boatinglocal Logocontributing to two local websites/ magazines¬†throughout the 2012¬†season. We will be writing the monthly fishing forecast for the¬†Coast Angler Magazine South Coast Edition¬†which covers the Buzzards Bay area and reaches over 400,000 readers monthly and guess what it’s FREE¬†publication. We’re also a featured banner ad and contributor to the “Dock Talk” section at¬† Both organizations have been extremely great to work with and¬†we look forward to sharing our experiences with each of you throughout the 2012 season. Writing is always something I’ve enjoyed but¬†has never been one of my¬†strong points so this will be a good “motivator” to get more material out to readers and share the excitement we see daily here at PNP Charters.

Remember, If you’re considering booking some time with us don’t hesitate to call or email. We still have¬†some¬†prime fishing dates in May and June available as well as all season long for all your saltwater fishing experiences. As many of you already know, 2 of the best months of fishing here in Buzzards Bay is starting NOW so if chasing bird covered schools of Striped Bass or plunking a few Monster Sea Bass off the bottom sounds like fun please contact us.¬†But please be forewarned…..Once the BIG fish arrive our booking calender fills up in a New York heartbeat so please DON’T WAIT until that happens to book your charters.¬†We look forward to seeing all of our wonderful clients this season and welcome all the new ones aboard. Also, if you want to become eligible for our weekly giveaways please “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you¬†are¬†already following us¬†Thank You¬†and be sure to keep your eyes¬†open¬†for the upcoming prizes including PNP merchandise and fishing trips this upcoming season which we will offer to all our loyal followers. Thanks and Tight Lines.

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