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Welcome to Plug N Play Charters website. We're off and running this season with some new tactics for all styles of fishing. Whether you like tossing huge plugs into the rocks for monster Striped Bass or drifting some sea-worms along the bottom for Fluke and Sea Bass we can make it happen. We're also going to be offering some harbor tours and beach picnic excursions this season so Welcome Aboard. All feedback is encouraged.

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Seminars, speaking in front of crowds……I’m not a huge fan to be honest I can’t stand it. Much like Belichick does I avoid the media and lime light and would prefer to just do my thing and be happy in doing so. But I’m not getting any younger and its time to start sharing what I’ve learned with others. So this past weekend I did one and it was received with open arms!


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June 8th 2012

6/08/12 by Corey Pietraszek

Today was the usual Friday crew. Dave Gale who usually will fish alone but this season he is starting to bring Jeff Parsons along. Now both these guys practice medicine and work close together, but to see these two fish together with fly rods on the boat together…pretty wild. I spoke to them last night and after having yesterday off for a few important family issues I told them we need to get after it EARLY. I was bummed getting to the boat at O DARK 30 this morning to no fog. I told them to be ready at Earl’s Marina at 4:30am and I made the quick run over in clear conditions to meet them on time. Oddly enough after picking them up and starting my run back to the fishing grounds my day got a lot better QUICK…FOG BANK BABY To me the fog does 2 very good things. It keeps the people at the dock and also extends what was going to already be sick fishing even longer into the morning by helping keep the light conditions down. After pulling the throttle back some to be safe in the fog we arrived on time to the area that had been fishing well all week. No chatter on the radio from a few other guides in the areas so I figure we would hit a few spots before hoping later the Whiting and other large baitfish carnage would happen but it really never did this morning well at least for us. On the first drift we already were doubled up with two of the better fish of the day well into the high 20lb class. Both anglers got these fish to the boat in short order only to see that fish are now all around the boat busting on what appears to be sand eels or some other small baitfish. So we decide to hang out and just fish the area getting plenty of fish between 15lbs-30lbs with a few rat Bluefish in the mix to keep it real. We had some amazing fishing with both Dave and Jeff landing well over 25 fish each with the largest going 32lbs for Jeff and 30lbs for Dave. Wonderful morning of fishing and they were done by 10am once the fog burned off and sun shined down.


Overall the highlight of the day was on the last drift of the morning as the fog lifted “Erma” decided to see if Dave was ready for the 2012 season and she WON. Let me explain Erma…Erma is what Eleanor is to Nick Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds are real SOB and something you’ve always want to drive or own but or in Dave’s case hook and land. Like Eloner always giving him an issue like line around his reel seat or handle, he’s standing on it; the mother of all fly line knots is present on clearing fly line, rod ferrule comes apart with line knot going out of guides, etc etc. Well today Erma gave his fly a go for the first time in 2012. Most people who have fished with me more then a few times know two things. I don’t screw around when it comes to landing BIG fish QUICKLY which means good rigging, solid knots, tight drags, and getting it done FAST. Dave did everything right as far as hook set and clearing the line and after all the important stuff this fish basically treated Dave like a rented mule from that point out. After eating the fly at the boat which was about 25ft away we both saw what to me was def at least a 55” bass which decided to chew on his small fly pattern boat side and turn and boogie. Dave strip sets 4 good times and clears line and we have the fish on the reel and everything is GROOVIE….YAY now Jeff and I start to clear the deck, get the camera ready help Dave and prepare for what could be the biggest fly rod fish to come aboard. Right then she takes a steaming run which for Dave is maybe 15 yards of backing max and then surges again now taking well over 50+ yards. Now I’m concerned and I can see Dave is like WOW we have a fish here guys. He then starts to gain a little and start to see some fly line when suddenly the rod tip goes limp. Moment of silence then the cursing begins for a short time then we laugh and I said well “pop em or stop em” right Dave. He reels the backing and line back and we take a look at the fly which is still on the leader and looks in tact. After looking closer, we realize this fish just straightened a Carbon HW Varavas Hook 5/0 hook….WTF. We both smiled and said ERMA you win with a few other phrases tossed in but hey you can’t land them all. Dave will tie with Owner JoBu Tuna hooks if need be now. Unreal how big this creature was and who better then Dave to hook and fight her for a few minutes only to learn that fishing straight 40lb leader and sharp hooks and tight drags has to be done with care. Great work guys!

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